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New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit at BK8 Celebrating World Cup 2022

The 22nd FIFA World Cup, the grandest football spectacle on the planet, has officially kicked off. In line with this electrifying atmosphere, BK8 has introduced the Super Promotion World Cup 2022 with the New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit of up to 1,288,000 Dong. Read on to explore more details in the article below by soccer betting bk8.

Introduction to BK8: Why Join BK8?

BK8 is a reputable betting platform established in 2015. Operating as a betting website in Malta, the Philippines, and licensed by the prestigious PAGCOR, BK8 has achieved remarkable milestones, including:

Ranking among the top 3 online casinos in Southeast Asia and being the best online casino in Asia.

Serving as the official digital advertising partner of the Spanish Football Federation.

Featuring legendary Dutch football team captain Robin Van Persie as its brand ambassador.

Despite being relatively new in the Vietnamese and Asian markets, BK8 has emerged as a prominent online betting platform with a large player base, thanks to its enticing promotional programs such as the 200% welcome bonus, New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit, and more. It's the ideal destination for those passionate about entertainment betting products like sports betting, online casinos, slot games, and lottery.

Why Should You Choose BK8?

On average, BK8 offers over 1000 different betting odds each month, ensuring to meet all entertainment betting needs. Moreover, all games are designed with a fun and modern style, with game results always based on the fairest and most transparent principles. Therefore, players will enjoy fantastic experiences when engaging in entertainment at BK8.

Super Promotion World Cup 2022 New Member Reward for 3rd Deposit at BK8

In addition to a reputable entertainment space, BK8 offers numerous attractive benefits to its members. Most recently, to celebrate the biggest football festival in the world, BK8 has launched the New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit program named: "WORLD CUP 2022 PROMOTION: HOT BONUS OF 1,288,000 DONG FOR NEW WARRIORS." Here are the program details:

Program Duration and Eligibility for the 3rd Deposit New Member Reward

The new warriors conquering the World Cup program starts from November 21, 2022, until the end of December 18, 2022 (GMT+8). Eligibility: Reserved for new members registering on the BK8 website, applicable for the 3rd deposit made during the program period. The minimum deposit amount to receive the promotion is 200,000 Dong to bk8 withdrawal methods.

Calculation of Bonus Amount

After successfully making the 3rd deposit, members need to contact the 24/7 online support team to receive 40% of the bonus amount immediately.

The bonus from the New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit program will be promptly updated after BK8 members meet the required turnover. Turnover requirement = {Deposit amount + Bonus amount} x {Wagering round}. For example:

The 3rd deposit of a new BK8 member participating is 2,000,000 Dong.

At this point, the member's free bonus amount = 2,000,000 x 40% = 800,000 Dong.

Wagering turnover = (2,000,000 + 800,000) x 12 = 33,600,000 Dong. Note: The product wallet will be locked until the player completes the required wagering turnover or loses all the money in the wallet.

Terms and Conditions of the New Member Reward for 3rd Deposit Program at BK8

To participate in and receive rewards from the New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit program, players must meet the following conditions:

This promotion cannot be used concurrently with other programs on the BK8 website.

Each member is only eligible to receive the promotion once at one of the program's sportsbook providers.

Members must meet the turnover requirement within 30 days; otherwise, the promotion and winnings from this program will be canceled.

Wagering turnover only counts for winning or losing bets. Cancelled, drawn, or two-sided bets will not be counted.

The wagering turnover for this World Cup 2022 promotion will not count towards turnover for other promotions (if any).

BK8 members must strictly comply with the terms of use of the bk8 promo code. If fraudulent, abusive, cross-betting, or group gambling activities are detected, BK8 reserves the right to confiscate all balances in the violator's account without prior notice.

The VND unit will be converted into 1000 Dong. For example, 500 VND = 500,000 Dong. In conclusion, this article has provided comprehensive information about the New Member Reward for the 3rd Deposit program with a value of up to 1,288,000 Dong for new members at BK8, currently taking place. Register as a member now to receive the reward!


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