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Studio Policies


A. Lionheart Music Studio values a shared space. Students and all family members/friends are expected to keep volumes low in the hallways, restrooms and waiting areas and respect the spaces and people inside and outside of the Studio.

B. No pets or animals are allowed in the building or Studio. (With the exception of therapy animals).

C. Drug use and smoking are prohibited anywhere on the property.

D. Eating, gum chewing (for voice students) and cell phone use are not allowed during the lesson time. Students are invited to bring a covered beverage bottle.

E. To ensure your child's safety, please be sure to drop off and pick him/her up promptly before and after the end of the lesson. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to ensure that the child/ren are transported safely. Children are under supervision during their lesson time only.


This studio defers to the local and state health departments as well as the CDC for guidance and complies with its regulations. Decisions regarding in-person lessons will be made with careful thought as well as communication to Lionheart families.

A. Students/parents agree to schedule in-person lessons or classes.

B. I am fully vaccinated and do not require vaccination to take lessons. Students and parents are responsible for checking for signs and symptoms of illness prior to attending lessons.

C. Masks are optional.

D. Students who feel ill or suspect exposure will be asked to protect the teacher and their peers by staying home. Individual and group lesson students may attend virtually.

E. The teacher will contact a parent to pick up a student who appears to be ill during an in-person lesson.

F. If a student or the teacher tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19, they should follow the CDC guidelines for isolating. If they feel well, the student may attend class virtually and return to in-person lessons when the quarantine is complete.

G. Touch points such as door handles, keyboards, microphones and studio materials will be sanitized regularly.

H. Professional cleaning services will occur each week.

I. Students who stay home from lessons may still attend the lesson virtually using the studio's Zoom lesson link. Please communicate with the teacher as early as possible if you or your child will be attending virtually. Students who must miss class entirely will receive a video from the teacher explaining that week's class and any new information. Assignments can be found at www.lionheartmusicstudio/students.

J. Should you have any COVID-19 related concerns, please let me know.


Tuition is charged through a Membership Plan. The payment guarantees a weekly lesson spot. It does not change regardless of the actual number of lessons per month. Tuition includes the weekly lesson, supplementary music, studio materials and implementation of programs. It does not include piano or voice books and headphones needed for weekly lessons or recital or competition fees.

*Tuition is due the first of each month. An invoice is emailed to the primary email address.

*Tuition is pro-rated for students who begin after September.

*There are no refunds or make-ups for missed lessons. (See Lesson Policies)
A student who misses a lesson may access their assignments at www.lionheartmusicstudio/students.

*A lesson credit or make-up lessons will be issued should the teacher need to cancel. 

Tuition payments are due the 1st of each month. Please communicate if there are any financial reasons for late payments so we can work together on a solution. Lionheart Music Studio reserves the right to discontinue lessons to a student who is delinquent in tuition and has not communicated with the teacher.

*In the event of inclement weather, the teacher will communicate whether class will be held virtually or cancelled. Cancelled lessons by the teacher will not be charged.

*Fall Semester is September 12, 2022-January 14, 2023 (15 weeks). 
Spring Semester is January 16-June 10 (16 weeks) for a total of 31 weeks of lessons. 

*Payment may be made the following ways:
       *Zelle | Payment to Julie Berninghaus or 612-229-7363.
       *Credit card via PayPal | Easy automated payments from the online student portal.
       *Bill pay | Automated payments directly from your bank account (no fees).
       *Check | Made out to Lionheart Music Studio.



A. EMAIL | Our primary communication source is through email. Important studio announcements will be sent to the email addresses on file. Please make sure to check your email regularly for studio communication! Weekly lesson reminders and invoices are also sent via email. (Please remember to check your Spam folders as sometimes our emails have been redirected there instead of primary email).

B. WEBSITE ( | This is the place to find the studio calendar, event sign-ups, lesson materials, blogs and resources. 

C. TEXT | Parents and students are invited to text me with any quick questions or to share funny or poignant messages or images. :) I may text parents and students with individual questions or lesson confirmations.

D. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE & SNAPCHAT | Pictures, videos and announcements about events and classes.

Students will receive weekly information about assignments and upcoming events from verbal and visual announcements during their lesson time and may look for studio updates and assignments at www.lionheartmusicstudio/students.


Students may begin lessons at any time during the year. Scheduling is first-come, first-served. 

There are no refunds for lessons that the student misses. Make-up lessons are dependent on the teacher's schedule, but are not guaranteed. If a student knows in advance that they will be gone, they may communicate with the teacher or consult the online calendar to try and reschedule the lesson. If the teacher must miss or cancel a lesson, a refund will be applied to the student account.

An integral part of music study is the opportunity for performance. Recitals are not required, but strongly recommended. Recitals are offered to Lionheart students several times throughout the year. Recitals and concert dates will be communicated via email, the online calendar and the website. Recital and concert fees are separate from tuition, but may be included in that month's tuition. Performances are free for audience members. Recitals and concerts may be held virtually or in-person.

Musical progress is determined by consistent practice goals. Students will engage with practice incentives and practice tips throughout the year. Parents/guardians and music mentors can assist younger students in establishing daily routine that includes practice time. Adult students may ask a music mentor, friend or family member to assist with accountability.
Recommended practice time for in Level 1 and beyond: 30 minutes/day, 5 days/week
Recommended practice time for Beginner levels: 15 minutes/day, 5 days/week

Lionheart Music Studio utilizes reputable curriculum as well as customized supplemental materials for each class and student. The teacher will assist each student in determining the curriculum for their current skill level. Curriculum is not included in tuition and can be found listed in each class description at Students should plan to bring their books and materials to and from each lesson.

Group classes are comprised of 2+ students. Should any class have insufficient enrollment on an ongoing basis, the studio reserves the right to cancel the class, adjust the tuition or alter the duration of the class.

Studio Expectations will be created with the teacher and the students and be revisited during the year. Students are expected to show respect to their classmates and the teacher by coming prepared for class, listening when the instructor is teaching and engaging with the lesson activities. If a student is unable to comply with these standards, the teacher reserves the right to end the lesson early or call the student's parents to pick them up from the lesson.

Attempts will always be made to maintain a healthy and respectful teaching environment. A student or family may be dismissed from lessons if there are persistent absences, uncooperative or abusive behaviors, delinquent in tuition or a significant lack of progress due to disinterest.

If a student must withdraw from scheduled lessons, two weeks tuition and notice is required.  


Water bottle
3-ring binder

Curriculum links are found at If there are multiple options for curriculum, the teacher will assist in determining the student's level. 

PIANO-BEGINNERS | Premier Piano Course-1A 
Lesson Book 
Notespeller Book
Technique Book

PIANO-1 | Premier Piano Course-1A, 1B, 2A
Lesson Book 
Notespeller Book
Technique Book

PIANO-2 | Premier Piano Course-Book 2A, 2B or 3 or Piano Pronto Movement 1
Lesson Book 
Notespeller Book
Technique Book

PIANO-3 | Piano Pronto
Movement 2 or 3

PIANO-4 | Piano Pronto
Movement 3 or 4


VOICE-BEGINNERS | The Full Voice Workbook Series
Introductory Level

VOICE-LEVEL 1 | The Full Voice Workbook Series
Level 1

VOICE-LEVEL 2 | The Full Voice Workbook Series
Level 2


The Full Voice Workbook Series-Level 1
Piano Pronto-Movement 1 or 2

The Full Voice Workbook Series-Level 2
Piano Pronto-Movement 2 or 3




A Dozen a Day Anthology

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