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Piano 2

This course for ages 6+ is designed for students who have a solid understanding of note reading, basic rhythms and vocabulary and are comfortable playing expressively.


Students will begin engaging in more advanced sight-reading and composition as well as accompanying and higher level solo playing.


Available to ages 6+

​Price | $175/month

Duration | 60 minutes

Skills Learned

  • Posture and hand position

  • Expression of the mood/character of the piece

  • Use of the damper pedal

  • Maintain a steady pulse and play ritardando, a tempo and fermatas and ornaments

  • Legato/staccato and expression of musical sentences

  • Advanced dynamic contrasts including crescendo, diminuendo and varied accents

  • Ability to interpret the form of a piece of music

  • All major 5-note major and minor scales

  • Two note chords in C, G, D, E, A and F

  • All major white key octave scales and arpeggios

  • Beginning sight-reading

Supplies Needed

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