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Piano 1

This course for ages 6+ is designed for students who have been introduced to the piano and the basics of  music.


Students are invited to use the knowledge and skills they gained as beginners and continue growing in music vocabulary, note reading, rhythm and expression.


Note reading skills grow and students understand more complex rhythms and symbols and begin to recognize musical patterns.


Skills Learned

Supplies Needed

Available to ages 6+

​Price | $175/month

Duration | 60 minutes

  • Posture and hand position

  • Expression of the mood/character of the piece

  • Maintain a steady pulse and play ritardando, a tempo and fermatas, legato/staccato and expression of musical sentences

  • Dynamic contrasts including crescendo and diminuendo and accents

  • ABA form

  • All major and minor 5-note scales

  • Octave scales, arpeggios and 2-note chording in C, G and D

  • Beginning sight-reading

Levels are determined with the teacher.​

Premier Piano 1A

Lesson Book

Notespeller Book

Technique Book

Premier Piano 1B

Lesson Book

Notespeller Book

Technique Book

Premier Piano 2A

Lesson Book

Notespeller Book

Technique Book

  • 3-Ring Binder 

  • Water bottle

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