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[S5E1] God Laughs ##HOT##

Leslie: I'm Leslie Knope. I have a 3 o'clock with Mr. Jepson.Secretary: What's this in reference to?Leslie: I'm here to present my application for the federal Riverbed Preservation Grant.Secretary: Oh! [laughs] Most people just mail their applications in.Leslie: I'm not most people.Secretary: Mr. Jepson actually had to step out for the day. You can just add your proposal to that pile over there.Leslie: Oh, I'm sorry, I was told I would have a face-to-face meeting with him so I could make my case for my town. Does he have office hours?Secretary: He's unavailable for the rest of the week, but you can just add the proposal. He'll get to it.Leslie: It's kind of special application. There's a CD inside that plays the sound of a babbling river and I was going to play that while I gave my presentation. I was also going to show a DVD that had some images of frolicking river otters.Secretary: You know what, I'll make sure he reads it. What city is it for?Leslie: Pawnee.Secretary: Is that Pawnee in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Texas?Leslie: [quietly] Indiana.

[S5E1] God Laughs

Andy: [showing Leslie photos] Here's a picture of me and April making out in her apartment. Here's a picture of us making out in Ben's office. This is us making out - I don't know where that is, but you can tell that she's sucking on my lip. [laughs] Traveling.

Doug's men attack Chloe and Meg, thinking they have the money Lee owed; the safe was empty. Meg laughs at their idiocy; they knew Doug couldn't hold onto his money. A shootout ensues, which sends a shooter to hell. While Lucifer is snapping at Lee for comparing their lives, a demon brings the shooter; Lucifer learns of Chloe's plight.

On Tycho Station, Naomi is talking with Tycho's chief engineer, Sakai, about repairs on the Rocinante. Sakai marvels at the fact that the Rocinante has survived all of its crew's adventures, and remarks that "the Dusters know how to build." Naomi asks her to say "Martians," as Alex has never called Naomi a "Skinny", the pejorative term for a Belter. Sakai laughs it off and they talk about upgrades on the ship, and she tells Naomi that she will need the Roci's pilot and mechanic to review the changes. Naomi replies that it won't be necessary, as both Amos and Alex are currently off duty.

Television shows give you a break from the reality of your day, helping us all to unwind, create some 'me time', share laughs with friends or entertain the entire family. Some of our favourite shows have us hooked for hours upon hours in a binge-watching marathon. With streaming platforms so widely accessible, we might prefer the comfort of our homes rather than the big screen.

JT: The orgasm stuff dominated the episode, but I got more laughs from the fruit story. Kramer and Jerry reviewing the list and Joe sniffing out the jig right away was great. Plus it played into the great payoff at the end with the mango fueled sexual dominance of Costanza. What the hell is a plantain? 041b061a72


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