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Christian Belousov

The Ultimate Guide to Cracking Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Tm

sgt. george w. martin, usmc, is the nearest to the camera. he stands on the corner of a small hill, with his rifle at the ready, scanning the road with his m-79 grenade launcher, or using it in tandem with a pistol. to the right, next to a duffel bag, is sgt. john w. chappell, usmc, the gunner, also with his rifle at the ready. next to him stands sgt. bruce m. spader, usmc, the driver. on the road to their left are some abandoned german vehicles. behind them, a small building stands, partially obscured by some trees. a.50 caliber machine gun is mounted on a tank nearby. to their right, another group of vehicles is parked in a small clearing. standing in the middle of the clearing is sgt. james r. morris, usmc, pointing his rifle at the small building. it is unknown whether the buildings next to the tanks are anti-aircraft or anti-infantry emplacements. the tank is from the german half of the battle of britain campaign. to their right, a pair of armored personnel carriers have left their drivers and can be seen standing idly at the edge of the road. a few yards past the armored personnel carriers is the entire crew of a light scout car, all of whom are calmly waiting on the edge of the road.

Crack Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault Tm

pressing up against the railing of the bridge, the first shot will come from down below as the guards open fire, and you'll be required to use cover and aim quickly, often in tandem, if you want to stay alive.

this is a sight for the hungry eye: a german half-track, the 3-tonne, 6x6 main battle tank chassis of world war ii, carrying a heavy, 127mm high-velocity, pointed-end shell. it is mounted on a flat-bed truck, bringing its enormous firepower to bear, and the gunner in it will have to fight you, and not the other way around.


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