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How To Fileflyer Locked Files

Abstract: The Commission on KSU Violence was assembled on May 8, 1970 by Kent State University President Robert I. White to collect information about the events leading up to the Kent State shootings. Materials in this collection include statements from faculty, staff, and students about the shootings, correspondence, reports, and subject files created by and assembled by the Commission in the course of conducting its business.

How to fileflyer locked files


Scope and Content: The Commission on KSU Violence records include statements submitted or made by students, faculty, staff, administrators, and others, subject files, administrative records of the Commission, and drafts and final versions of working papers or reports created by each of the major committees within the Commission. Also included are audio recordings of selected statements provided to the Commission and recordings of some of the body's meetings.

Scope and Content: This subseries includes records for four of the Commission's committees. The files include meeting notes and minutes, correspondence, documents compiled or examined by the committees, and other documentation created by these committees in compiling information for their area of focus. A full listing of committees within the Commission is available in the "Members and Personnel file," listed above in Series 1, Subseries 1.

Scope and Content: The subject files subseries includes materials gathered by or created by the CKSUV for reference purposes in the course of its work to investigate the causes, attitudes, and activities surrounding the Kent State shootings. Some of the materials included herein were part of an official set of reference materials maintained by the Commission for use by its members, but many items included do not appear on the list of reference materials. At the same time, many of the items appearing on the original reference materials list are not included in the collection as received by Special Collections and Archives.


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