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Dark And Darker:Bait out spells and engage when they are vulnerable

Hey, what's up, fellow gamers! If you've been eagerly Darker Gold awaiting a comprehensive melee Warlock guide, your search ends here. After numerous inquiries in the comments section of my videos, I've decided to share my insights into the melee Warlock playstyle. Having dedicated countless hours to perfecting this approach, I've experienced both joy and success. Today, I'm excited to pass on my knowledge to help you dominate the battlefield. Keep in mind that my expertise is continuously evolving, and I welcome your input to make this guide even better. So, let's dive into the world of Dark and Darker, focusing primarily on solo play.

Pros and Cons:

Let's kick things off by examining the strengths and weaknesses of the melee Warlock.


Insane Burst Damage: The standout feature of the melee Warlock is its incredible burst damage, thanks to abilities like Blow Corruption and Dark Reflection. This allows you to potentially one-shot certain classes, making it a formidable force in the game.

Magic Damage Focus: Running the Crystal Sword enables you to deal primarily magic damage, making it challenging for opponents to build against. Piercing through Physical Damage Reduction (PDR) builds becomes a breeze.

Healing Reduction: Blow Corruption reduces the target's incoming physical and magical healing by 70%, countering fighters and clerics effectively. This provides an opportunity to reset fights, heal, and re-engage with an advantage.

Short Cooldowns: Both Blow Corruption and Dark Reflection have relatively short cooldowns, allowing for frequent use and strategic engagements.


Ranged Disadvantage: The game heavily favors ranged combat, putting melee Warlocks at a disadvantage. Lacking ranged attacks makes engaging opponents at a distance challenging.

Vulnerability to Movement Speed: With zero ranged attacks and slower movement speed compared to some classes, catching opponents who choose to disengage can be extremely difficult.

Blow Corruption Cooldown: Blow Corruption has a short cooldown, but opponents can exploit this by kiting or running away until the ability is ready again.

Vulnerability during Phantomize: Phantomizing has a long cooldown, and the additional 50% magic damage taken during this state makes you susceptible to ranged attacks.

Evil Magic Damage Distinction: Blow Corruption deals evil magic damage, not dark magical damage. This distinction becomes crucial when considering perks like Soul Collector and Dark Enhancement.

Perks and Skills:

Understanding the perks and skills is essential for optimizing your melee Warlock build.


Phantomizer: Offers damage reduction during its duration, allowing you to phase through physical attacks. Ideal for initiating engagements or escaping tricky situations.

Blow Corruption: Amplifies your next physical attack, dealing 15 magical damage and reducing the target's healing by 70% for 12 seconds.


Dark Reflection: Reflects 10 dark magical damage to the attacker. Provides additional damage and synergy with Soul Collector and Dark Enhancement.

Soul Collector: Collects cursed souls upon dealing the final blow to an enemy, granting a 10% dark magical damage bonus for each collected soul, up to a maximum of six souls.

Malice: Increases will by 10%. Enhances damage output, especially with the Crystal Sword.

Anti-Magic: Grants an additional 25% magical damage reduction (except against Divine magical damage). Offers survivability against wizards and other magic-focused opponents.

Dark Enhancement: Provides a 10% dark magical damage bonus toward dark magic spells. Works well with Dark Reflection but not with Blow Corruption.

Tips and Tricks:

Baiting Abilities: Use Phantomizer to bait out opponent abilities, such as barbarian shouts or blow of corruption. Create opportunities to strike while their skills are on cooldown.

Physical Immunity: Phantomizer and physical attacks like arrows and crossbow bolts pass through you, making you immune to these attacks. However, be cautious of AOE splash damage.

Invisibility Potions: Utilize invisibility potions to surprise opponents and avoid traps. This can be particularly effective against Rangers.

Phantomizer for Resets: Use Phantomizer to reset melee fights. Activate Blow Corruption, enter Phantomizer, and wait for cooldowns. Re-enter the fight with renewed health and abilities.

Agility Boost: Consider using the elf skin for the additional agility, enhancing your movement speed.

Gear Selection:

Choosing the right gear is crucial for maximizing your melee Warlock's potential.

Crystal Sword: Opt for a purple Crystal Sword with an 18/17 damage split (18 weapon damage, 17 magic weapon damage) for maximum effectiveness.

Shadow Mask: Prioritize the shadow mask for the two all-attributes bonus. Aim for additional true or true additional magic damage.

Occultist Robe: Ideal chest piece for its high vigor and magic resist. Look for a purple version with favorable secondary stats.

Reinforced Gloves: Seek gloves that provide vigor to boost your health pool.

Loose Trousers: Opt for loose trousers for agility and a minimal movement speed penalty.

Light Foot Boots: Choose boots that offer the most movement speed. Prioritize additional agility if available.

Adventurer Cloak, Rings, and Necklace: Look for these accessories with plus two additional or true additional magic damage. Prioritize stats like agility, vigor, or health based on your needs.

Playing Each Matchup:

Now, let's delve into specific strategies for handling different classes, ranked from easiest to hardest.

Fighter (Slayer/PDR): Easiest matchup. PDR fighters are easier due to their low movement speed. Beware of block on Blow Corruption against PDR fighters.

Cleric: Relatively easy. Bait out Smite or Judgment, and engage when they are vulnerable. Watch for their buffs and time your attacks accordingly.

Bard: Uncommon but generally manageable. Be cautious of crossbows and drums. Most bards may not pose a significant threat.

Rogue: Manageable. Squishy, but be wary of skilled rogues with hand crossbows and poison. Keep your distance if needed.

Warlock: Challenging. Bait out Blow Corruption from magic staff users. Full casters are tough; focus on outmaneuvering and gear superiority.

Ranger: Difficult. Rangers may use traps and kiting strategies. Utilize Phantomizer to bypass traps or engage when they push forward.

Wizard: Very challenging. Bait out spells and engage when they are vulnerable. Be mindful of their shields, slow spells, and potential burst damage.

Barbarian: Hardest matchup. Bait out shouts and engage buy Dark And Darker Gold cautiously. Focus on gear superiority and outlasting them.


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