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My Music Story: Chapter One

Welcome/Chapter One Week at Lionheart Music Studio was a flurry of introductions, candy, spinning a large Wheel of Opportunity (what we call our studio wheel) and music making!

Everyone was a little bit nervous going into the week. For those starting in group lessons, there was apprehension about the new structure for lessons and what their new group mates would be like. Our studio is made up of students who have been with me for a long time as well as brand-new students who are either just beginning their journey or continuing from other musical experiences. Nervous feelings did not seem to linger for long as students found they had more similarities with their group mates than differences.

One student who couldn't attend in-person arrived in class via Zoom. He was fully engaged and his group members did a wonderful job making him feel included and special. Other students came prepared with music to play or sing for me and I could not believe how incredible this studio membership was turning out to be.

As the students prepare for the year by gathering their books, finding their mentors and preparing mentally, I have no doubt their stories will be epic. Week Two starts with Skill Checks; here we go!

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