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Lionheart Music Studio: Introduction

Happy Back to School! The incredible teachers, mentors and individuals I have met and grown from have my deepest gratitude for teaching me the excitement of lifelong learning.

Six years ago, when I started Brillante Music Studio, I had no idea how much the stories of my student's musical journeys would inspire me. Their courage and love of music and creating have motivated me to pursue and create rich new ways to help all people engage with music and write their own musical stories.

I can remember one of my first piano students telling me that she would never play in a recital because she got too nervous and performing just "wasn't her thing." A few months ago, I witnessed her flawlessly play a difficult piece in a public setting without breaking a sweat. Another student, then in elementary school, openly wept in frustration during many lessons as he struggled to read notes. He never gave up, and now a high schooler, he continues to take piano lessons and rock out in his school's jazz band.

This week, we start a new chapter with a new studio name, location and lesson structure. The students and I will be voyagers together, pushing away from a dock of security and music education familiarity into whatever adventures and surprises we encounter this year.

It takes boldness to learn and grow a new skill, so each week, the students will be documenting their challenges and successes. I look forward to sharing their stories with you! You can be sure these tales will contain struggle, courage, friendship, inspiration, heartbreak and rewards.

Cheers to lion hearts, their prides and to Chapter 1's.

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