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Golden Sparkles

Voice 2

This course for ages 8+ is for students who are comfortable singing and interpreting basic music symbols.

The course reinforces foundational concepts of music and introduces singing with more expression and articulation.

Night Lights


Available to ages 8+

​Price | $175/month

Duration | 60 minutes

Abstract Liquid

Skills Learned

  • Review of Tonic Sol-fa

  • Note reading in the treble clef

  • Clapping and counting to a steady beat

  • Ear training with movable Do

  • Identifying notes in a triad

  • Interpreting and singing with advanced rhythms

  • Singing in multiple keys

  • Using dynamics in expression

  • Sight-singing

  • Unison, two/three/four part singing

  • Microphone technique and stage performance

  • More advanced music and vocal vocabulary

  • Breath control and strategic breathing

Sparkling Lights

Supplies Needed

The Full Voice Workbook

Level 2

  • 3-Ring Binder 

  • Headphones (wired)

  • Water bottle

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