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Sing. Play. Perform

This course for ages 8+ is for students who have had at least

one year of piano instruction.

The voice and piano are complementary instruments used in a variety of settings. This exciting class provides students with instruction in both vocal and piano technique and how to use them together in dynamic performances.


Students also learn techniques in theatre and stage performance.  

Image by Daniel Olah


Available to ages 8+

​Price | $252/month

Duration | 75 minutes

Sandy Beach

Skills Learned


  • Introduction to Tonic Sol-fa

  • Introduction or review of notes in the treble clef

  • Clapping and counting to a steady beat

  • Beginning ear training; steps/skips/triads

  • Rests

  • Arpeggios/semitones/accidentals

  • Singing with dynamics

  • Sight-singing

  • Unison and two-part singing

  • Microphone and beginning stage performance

  • Basic music and vocal vocabulary

  • Breath control


  • Review of notes on the grand staff

  • Posture and hand position

  • Expression of the mood/character of the piece

  • Use of the damper pedal

  • Maintain a steady pulse and play ritardando, a tempo and fermatas and ornaments

  • Legato/staccato and expression of musical sentences

  • Advanced dynamic contrasts including crescendo and diminuendo and varied accents

  • Ability to interpret the form of a piece of music

  • All major 5-note major and minor scales

  • Two note chords in C, G, D, E, A and F

  • All major white key octave scales and arpeggios

  • Beginning sight-reading

Stage Performance

  • Exploration of theatre as the art of telling stories through live acting

  • Working together with classmates, involving all members

  • Spatial awareness in pantomime and behavior

  • How to create fun characters

  • Mirroring

  • Articulation

  • Projection

  • Voice variation

  • Listening and reacting

  • Stage direction/blocking vocabulary

Image by Daniel Olah

Supplies Needed

Levels are determined with the teacher

  • 3-Ring Binder 

  • Headphones (wired)

  • Water bottle


The Full Voice

Level 1

The Full Voice

Level 2

Piano Pronto

Movement 1

Piano Pronto

Movement 2

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