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Christian Belousov

Vitamin-R 3.13 Crack ((INSTALL))

This patch fixed a few things for users with specific graphics cards and fixed pink materials on workshop content that has not updated to Unity 5 yet (which you should do!) The downloading process for workshop content from servers is also much better, but more details about that in next Friday.

Vitamin-R 3.13 Crack

In 3.13 right now I'm moving this more towards the survival end of the spectrum by doing things like removing player spawnpoints from the military bases, moving the police checkpoint to the airport, reducing the spawnrates of guns and ammunition and getting rid of extravagant fortified locations like the crashed helicopter, submarine and Scorpion-7 (Moved to the American map). How would you like to see it changed? What would you like to see fill in where Scorpion-7 was?

For 3.13 I haven't planned any changes for this map yet, although in the future I agree it would be nice to expand the temperature system beyond simply whether you have clothes or not. How would you like to see it changed or made more difficult to survive on?

Edit: It looks like a bit more work needs to go into the new player/vehicle movement networking, so I will make that my #1 priority for For the mean time I've rolled back these changes to player/vehicle but not zombie/animal in


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