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this study investigated the effectiveness of the auto safety regulatory system by examining key measures of compliance. these measures are designed to ensure that vehicles comply with the laws and rules that govern vehicle safety, including the safety regulations that apply to commercial motor vehicles. the study focused on compliance with the following three measures: the availability of state-mandated tests of driver competence; the safety requirements for commercial vehicles; and the vehicle safety inspections that are required by law.

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the mean daily cocaine consumption (including all routes) for the oslo region in this study, based on sewage analysis, is about 3.3kg/year, which is higher than the estimate of the combined population survey (about 2.4kg/year). however, the difference is not significant and would be partly due to the use of different pharmacokinetic parameters. this estimate is in line with the results from a previous study in the oslo area using the same method (4.2kg/year). if the consumption estimate is valid, this means that the total cocaine consumption in the region, including crack-cocaine, was about 24000kg/year. this is about 10% of the total consumption in the region, which is in line with other studies reporting lower proportions of crack-cocaine use.

the cocaine urine concentration in oslo was about 6.0ng/ml in the combined population survey. this is much higher than in most other studies (about 1.0ng/ml). this may be due to the difference in population groups, which include a much higher proportion of whites than in most other studies, and the use of a different analytical method. a study in the netherlands found that the cocaine urine concentration among crack-cocaine users was lower than among users of other routes of administration. this suggests that the relatively high level of cocaine in the oslo sewage could be due to intranasal use and, perhaps, oral use. a study using naloxone to inhibit the effects of intranasal cocaine (i-naloxone) showed that a single intranasal dose of 40mg significantly reduced cocaine's effects, suggesting that this route is responsible for much of the cocaine's effects. however, the cocaine concentrations in the sewage in this study were much higher than in the dutch study. as noted above, different pharmacokinetic parameters are appropriate for different routes of administration. finally, the concentration of cocaine in the oslo sewage in this study was much higher than in the netherlands. however, the amsterdam study was carried out in a predominantly white population, which suggests that the differences between the oslo and amsterdam studies may be due to differences in the proportion of cocaine users (about 10% of the oslo population vs. about 1% of the amsterdam population). although different routes of administration clearly affect the levels of cocaine in the body, our results suggest that crack-cocaine consumption accounts for about 10% of cocaine use in oslo, which is consistent with the amsterdam study. studies in other countries with predominantly white populations indicate that crack-cocaine use accounts for a considerably higher proportion of cocaine use.


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