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Euphrosyne and Syra alone watched by her. The former had, from time totime, put in the commonplaces of heathen consolation, had reminded hertoo, how kind a master, how honest a man, how loving a father he hadbeen. But the Christian sat in silence, except to speak gentle andsoothing words to her mistress, and served her with an active delicacy,which even then was not unnoticed. What could she do more, unless it wasto pray? What hope for else, than that282 a new grace was folded up, likea flower, in this tribulation; that a bright angel was riding in thedark cloud that overshadowed her humbled lady?

Download Dark Silence Mary Stone epub

The fact was, that keener eyes than he was aware of had been on thelook-out. Severus had never relaxed his watchfulness, determined not tobe surprised. He was near the entrance to the cemetery below, when thesoldiers reached it above; and he ran forward at once to the place wherethe sand had been prepared for closing the road; near which his brotherand several other stout workmen were stationed, in case of danger. In amoment, with that silence and rapidity to which they were trained, theyset to work lustily, shovelling the sand across the narrow and lowcorridor from each side, while well-directed blows of the pick broughtfrom the low roof behind, huge flakes of sandstone, which closed up theopening. Behind this barrier they stood, hardly suppressing a laugh asthey heard their enemies through its loose separation. Their work it waswhich had been heard, and which had screened off the lights, anddeadened the song.

The reader will perhaps be curious to know what has become of the thirdmember of our worthy trio, the apostate Torquatus. When, confused andbewildered, he ran to look373 for the tomb which was to guide him, it sohappened, that, just within the gallery which he entered, was aneglected staircase, cut in the sandstone, down to a lower story of thecemetery. The steps had been worn round and smooth, and the descent wasprecipitous. Torquatus, carrying his light before him, and runningheedlessly, fell headlong down the opening, and remained stunned andinsensible at the bottom, till long after his companions had retired. Hethen revived, and for some time was so confused that he knew not wherehe was. He arose and groped about, till, consciousness completelyreturning, he remembered that he was in a catacomb, but could not makeout how he was alone and in the dark. It then struck him that he had asupply of tapers about him, and means of lighting them. He employedthese, and was cheered by finding himself again in light. But he hadwandered from the staircase, of which, indeed, he recollected nothing,and went on, and on, entangling himself more inextricably in thesubterranean labyrinth.

This dialogue she could not hear, but she saw what followed it. One whohad looked down more carefully, shading his eyes from the light, calledthe others to do the same, but with gestures which enjoined silence. Ina moment they pulled down large stones from the rock-work of a fountain,close at hand, and threw down a volley of them at something below. Theylaughed very heartily as they went away; and Miriam supposed that theyhad seen some serpent or other noxious animal below, and had amusedthemselves with pelting it. 041b061a72


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