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ramji had realised the importance of the classical indian dance form bharatnatyam (which he had learnt from his guru) in the formation of an integrated modern indian culture, and in the much criticised, arya samaj leaders' (baldeo singh, matu ram, kesarbai kerkar, chandrasen das, kesarbai chavda, shivram vatulka, vaidya shri chandrasen and moti lal) efforts for the further integration of hinduism, jat and muslims.

Jai Ramji Movie 3 Hd Download

along with this kind of social efforts, ramji lal prepared the younger generations for the future by equipping them with the knowledge of the ancient languages and the manner of speaking them fluently and correctly. both english and sanskrit were easily understood by them.

ramji lal also wrote many books, some of which are: ramji lal charitra (2 volumes), ibaadat (1 volume), sankhyasamrita, sankhyaskandhan (1 volume), sadhana prashad (2 volumes), satyarthi (2 volumes), and ardhakanthak (2 volumes). all these books received wide praise and praise from his contemporaries. ramji lal died on the 3rd of april, 1927, in delhi, but is revered and respected by all indians in the west as well as in india.

the paramount achievement of ramji lal was his biography of the great sage maharishi bhedacharya. based on its witty style of writing, the book has established a literary legacy which not only survived but transcended many of the difficult phases of the history of india. he wrote the third edition of maharishi bhedacharya's karma yoga sutra on the lines of the earlier editions, based on which the sri m. gangadharanulu of madras published one more time. this biography was published under the name of ramji lal charitra between 1905 and 1907, as well as, a three volume edition between 1912 and 1914, and a fourth volume was published in 1915.


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