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I Am A SINNER! Wow This Is The BIGGEST Dildo I ... WORK

You are no worse of a sinner than the rest of this world. We ALL sin; it is our human nature. But, in Christ, we find beautiful forgiveness and freedom! In both good and bad, pray without ceasing. Spend time reading the Bible, and seek out other Christians to walk this journey with you. Do not give up the fight!

I am a SINNER! wow this is the BIGGEST dildo I ...


A mysterious dealmaker, Alastor is an enigmatic, extremely powerful sinner, and one of Hell's most feared, villainous, and notorious Overlords, widely known for the constant, unnaturally wide, toothy grin on his face. In life, he was an infamous serial killer and well-known radio host from New Orleans, Louisiana who lived in the early 1900s before he was killed in a dog-related hunting accident in 1933. Following his death and manifesting in Hell, Alastor, all in the span of one night, toppled over Overlords who had ruled over the Pride Ring unopposed for centuries, boasting power that had never harnessed before in a mortal soul, becoming an Overlord himself by technicality. During this period, he took over all of Hell's radio technology and relentlessly terrorized the population of Pentagram City, broadcasting his atrocities, carnage, and the torture of his victims through the radio for the populace to witness, indirectly earning himself the title of "The Radio Demon", and garnering a reputation as an all-powerful and monstrous tyrant who tormented and destroyed all who stood in the way of his cryptic goals.

Following his death, Alastor manifested in the Pride Ring of Hell, specifically in Pentagram City, and in an interesting turn of events, he was reborn with an inexplicably immense amount of power that had never been harnessed before by a sinner. Using this immense new-found power, Alastor quickly began terrorizing the populace, toppling Overlords who had been dominant for centuries, and causing widespread mayhem. Whenever Alastor bested an Overlord, he would banish the defeated demons into an ungodly pocket dimension he called "The Show", trapping them in a never-ending cycle of being tortured, humiliated, and murdered, with each death more degrading and brutal than the last. Alastor also used the then-new radio technology to broadcast both his carnage across Pentagram City and the torture of the former Overlords for all of Hell to witness as a way to induce and spread fear across the realm, leading to him being dubbed as "the Radio Demon" by Hell's populace. He relentlessly terrorized and tortured the denizens of Pentagram City, and at the peak of his power, he ruled over all of Pentagram City purely by the great fear he instilled in others, with his reign of terror being so notable that it even earned him the attention of the King of Hell himself, Lucifer Magne, who grew to respect Alastor's methods and knowledge of the dark arts. During his time in Hell, Alastor became allies and acquaintances with the sinners Husk, Niffty, Mimzy, and fellow Overlord, Rosie.

However, Alastor's reign over Pentagram City was ultimately short-lived. His takeover of Pentagram City and removal of its Overlords eventually led to a new wave of other, more powerful sinners taking their place. Alastor's lack of interest in power and the usual dealings of the Overlords also left a power vacuum that could be filled by newer sinners without the previous Overlords hindering their efforts. One of these new Overlords was a TV Demon named Vox, who possessed an obsession for newer technology, and quickly grew into a formidable rival towards Alastor. Due to the rise of newer technology, such as television and Wi-Fi, Vox grew to outshine and overthrow Alastor as Hell's top Overlord. As a result of Vox outshining him, as well as Pentagram City becoming overrun with newer Overlords, such as the moth demon, Valentino, and the Internet Demon, Velvette, Alastor lost his position as the de-facto ruler of Pentagram City. However, he was unfazed by this and decided to take a more casual approach to things, returning to being a radio show host and living his afterlife "normally" amongst other sinners, although he was still immensely feared by Hell's populace on an almost universal level, even by the Overlords who took his place, to some extent.

Regardless, Alastor's politeness and charm does nothing to hide the fact that he is a widely feared tyrant responsible for the pain and misery of thousands of sinners, to speak nothing of the potentially hundreds of people he murdered when he was still living. Most of Hell's denizens are absolutely and rightly terrified of the Radio Demon due to his reputation and past crimes, and want as little to do with him as possible, and his past crimes have left a psychological mark on Pentagram City; his introductory scene shows a gang of violent bikers staring fearfully at a dark corner after merely hearing a radio signal, fearing that Alastor was lurking in the darkness. Even Charlie, the Princess of Hell itself and daughter of Lucifer Magne, was initially afraid of Alastor when she first met him personally, despite being far more powerful than him. The mere sound of the Radio Demon humming, or sight him casually strolling through the streets of Hell, is enough to send every sinner in the vicinity cowering or outright fleeing in terror. Although Alastor does somewhat enjoy the fact that he is feared by many, the fear he inspires has made it increasingly more difficult for him to make deals or gain newer allies, thus this fear has put a great deal of strain over the influence he has over the Pride Ring. Indeed, as friendly as he may seem, Alastor is typically very open about his malevolent intentions, not even trying to hide the fact that he only supports the Hazbin Hotel to see the despair of sinners when they fail to be redeemed.

The Radio Demon has an inflated, even romanticized view of himself and is egotistical and even narcissistic to a degree, not seeing many sinners or demons quite up to his level, and he clearly cares a great deal about his image, carrying himself with a constant sense of superiority and believing himself to have far more "class and style" than most of Hell's boorish denizens, who he disdainfully regards as "simpletons". Alastor is also something of an attention seeker; he enjoys being the center of attention and his radio tower at the hotel has several large, neon arrows pointing towards it. However, his egotism does not make him arrogant or complacent, nor does it prevent him from acknowledging the strengths of other entities. Despite being extremely powerful by the standards of normal sinners, Alastor almost never underestimates his opponents and is well aware that there are various entities that rival or outclass him in terms of power. For this reason, he is wary around such entities and avoids starting conflicts with them unless it is absolutely necessary, as they could potentially injure him, or worse, if he is not careful.

Alastor and Niffty have been acquainted with each other for almost as long as she has been in Hell. Alastor and Niffty first met after the Radio Demon happened upon her mutilating a pedophilic sinner who attempted to take advantage of her. Impressed by her bloodlust and viciousness, Alastor joined in and help her get rid of the sinner, imprisoning him in The Show. Following this incident, Niffty fell in love with Alastor, and he enlisted her as his assistant.

This one-off project released on Shrapnel Records is pretty amazing. The title stands for (Tony) MacAlpine, (Tommy) Aldridge, (Rob Rock), and (Rudy) Sarzo or M.A.R.S. The band is filled with talented musicians and this is heavy metal guitar shredders dream. The biggest issue with this album would have to be the sound production, which comes off as a terrible mix considering the artists involved. It would have been great to see this group continue because this album showed real chemistry between the players involved. 041b061a72


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