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IS THERE A UNIVERSAL STANDARD for Promise ring looks?

No one can tell you the exact appearance of Matching Couple Rings because there isn't any one consistent design or shape. Promise rings are as distinctive as their future owners. The modern jewelry industry, as well as the craftsmen who create the rings, can be characterized by their creativity and elegance.

Here are some useful tips to help you select the ideal style and dimension of engagement rings.

In general these rings should be small and subtle they can be paired in many ways, and shouldn't appear too extravagant so as to obscure an engagement or wedding band. The rest is your choice. If you're thinking: Which finger has a promise ring on? You can also find basic answers.


If the engagement ring is huge, like a large diamond solitaire, or another stone surrounded by smaller stones (think about the famous sapphire engagement ring of the Duchess Cambridge) If so, then an engagement ring that complements it could have a smaller diamond. A ring with a sparkling diamond drop is elegant on its own and works well with other rings.


These are the most versatile designs. They are often unisex and come in sets that are identical, which means you can clearly express your connection to another. You can choose from a gold or silver band ring, or a bimetal band ring with yellow gold outer edges and white gold middle parts. These rings can be mistaken for wedding rings. To avoid confusion the ring for the promise should be put on a different finger than the finger for the ring.


It's a fashionable and sensible option to pick the perfect ring for a promise. If you know that your loved one is in this spiritual realm and knows his or her birthstone (or the zodiac stone or the lucky stone for that matter) it is possible to buy a ring made of this stone. These stones are common gemstones such as moonstones and opals. You can find rings that have a small amount of these stones. The ring may have two meanings for the owner. She can tell people what the ring that is on the hand represents without sharing personal information.


A cluster of sparkling stones can appear like the large diamond. The delicate stone is less obvious and goes better with bolder rings. You can choose a cluster that resembles a single stone until you get close to it, or even a combination of dark and lighter stones that resembles the appearance of a mosaic.


Signet rings are still in fashion and have been for a number of years. Pick a ring that has smaller seal faces and you will not regret it.


Hearts are the symbol of love, so why not include it in your engagement ring? It could come in the shape of a heart-shaped stone, a faceplate that has a heart shape or pendant or even a ring with a heart design on the front. It will be a stylish and unique piece.


If you are able to buy a ring and have it made to be engraved, why not try it? It could be a design with a significance for you such as a love phrase, an inscription from an album - anything that is worth immortalizing and wearing on your finger.


The textured rings look stunning when light reflects off different angles. They also make an excellent alternative to one-piece chiseled rings. The possibilities are endless. It can be brushed or hammered. It could also have patterns on it. Also, it can be faceted rings. These rings are unique and instantly attract the attention. So, pick a band that won't make an unintentional statement when you or your loved one walks into the room.

Review and dispel 12 common myths and cliches concerning promise rings

Promise rings are the subject of almost all the myths and preconceptions as wedding rings. We've compiled the most common myths and stereotypes to help you overcome your fears.


It's not so. From this point of view any symbol or gift that are shared with one another, are meaningless, since it's not the wedding ring which symbolizes marriage however, it is an event and a place in the registry book. A promise ring can be seen as a tangible means to express wedding vows. The promise ring placed on the finger signifies that you have learned from your partner in crime and she wishes to live her life with you.

Promise rings are, WELL, CHILDISH, They're not really serious.

There's nothing childish about them. Teenagers can also fall in the love of their life, particularly when they are older and have reached the legal age. You can also present yourself with engagement rings. These rings are a clear intention: to get married when you are old enough to be. It's not a joke, but it's a completely viable alternative to engagement when engagement itself isn't (yet) an option.

PROMISE RINGS may cause a lot of trouble to the couple or be harmful.

Nope. No one has ever claimed that engagement rings can bring bad luck. Rings symbolize love and promises - short-term promises. No more and no less. If you're still unsure for some reason, do not reveal the ring to anyone else or say to them that you do not want people to know about your plans. Let's imagine that you learned this magic trick from an old wise fortune teller at a town festival.

PROMISE RINGS, WHICH ARE VERY UNCOOL and are a waste of time.

Who says? Why? No, seriously, why? Who is the source of this belief? What's wrong with the sincere promise to marry? In this scenario the engagement ceremony including all the carefully planned photos and family events are also untrue. This harmful myth needs to be put to rest for all time.


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