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The Open Beta for Diablo 4 has come and gone, and now Blizzard has shared some of the more fun stats that show just how big this period of Beta testing was for the game, with a total of over 61.5 million hours played across the two weekends Diablo IV Gold. The majority of the stats shared by the company include how many monsters were killed (29,252,746,339) and how many total player deaths there were (46,924,644). Though no information was given on how many individual players joined the beta, it was at minimum 2.6 million, as that's how many players reached level 20 and earned themselves a Beta Wolf Pack reward.

Diablo 4 is the latest in a franchise that started back in 1996 and has a loyal fan following that grows larger with each new release. According to Blizzard, this was the largest Beta in the franchise's history, thanks in part to heavy marketing leading up to the Beta and the incentive of the Beta Wolf Pack reward which was an exclusive item. The cumulative hours played by gamers in that short period of time during the weekends would equal over 7,000 years.

Diablo 4's Beta Was A Bad Sign For What Launch Day Could Be

Considering the overwhelming number of players who participated in Diablo 4's Beta, the company did very well at managing server load, and on the Sunday of Open Beta weekend, the queue times, which had been very long, were diminishing quite a bit. That said, however, not everyone who is going to purchase the game would have participated in the Beta, and on release day, those numbers could skyrocket. Blizzard games have had a notorious history of struggling with overburdened servers on launches of new games such as with Overwatch 2, as well as every World of Warcraft expansion.

The information shared regarding Diablo 4 stats is entertaining to read, especially seeing that the Sorcerer and Necromancer were the most played classes. However, the total hours played is what raises red flags. The Beta saw some frustrating queue times that could be over two hours, only to have players then become disconnected and have to rejoin the queue. Historically, many more people play games on day one of release than participate in Beta tests cheap Diablo 4 Gold, which suggests that the servers will be even more overloaded during the first few days and weeks of Diablo 4's release this June.


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