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Special Force Cheat Download Waller

A small air-borne unit that was being used to cross the Ho Chi Minh Trail at a critical moment was able to insert the elite US commando unit, and the battle was won. The first real Delta force mission in Vietnam had arrived. In the following weeks, Beckwith organized a vast network of landmines, traps, and ambushes.

Special Force Cheat Download Waller


What they found was that the role of the commando or special forces unit was similar to the Special Forces Group, and the British SAS. They had to find vulnerable points, set up ambushes, and destroy enemy units that would be laying mines in order to destroy the enemy unit. These same rules have been recognised by the French, and the current United States Special Operations Command for future SF operation.

BONUS CHEAT: Using your PS3's XMB button, select "Settings" and then "System Settings". Once there, find "Boot Settings" and select "Disk Settings". Using the scroll wheel, scroll down until you see "OS Details", "OS Version" and "PS3 HDD Space". With "Settings" now highlighted on the XMB, press L1 to go back to main menu, then press R1 to go back to the main menu and launch "Edit Software". Type in "0cc13bf012" (without the quotes) into "Edit Software". Press the "Start" button, then press the "L1" button to save the settings. Go back to main menu and press the "L1" button to exit edit mode.

Used the cheat codes to get a character really fast, and then decided you wanted to get further in the game (by progressing your character further in the story). Not sure which cheat code is needed or how it works, though? Let us help you out!


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