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Sike. - Chillstep Remix

Today i've got a real chill sick remix of Macklemore's "The Town". The original was off his The Unplanned Mixtape, which I am going to be doing a whole feature on later in the week, as it definitely deserves it. Well the original is sick and I'll be posting it later, but this remix makes it a completely different song and deserves a good listen through. It's remixed by Sabzi who has made some real sick dancey chill remixes. Who you should also be looking for a full post about. Well listen and enjoy as always!

Sike. - Chillstep remix


Today I've got a sick chill electronic remix with the right amount of bass. It's done by Das Kapital and he remixed Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love'. Bon Iver has been around for a few years and made an appearance on Kanye's Monster. This song starts out chill, and never gets too intense, but defintely has some bass. It's a real cool sound chill song, enjoy!

Today we've got a remix of the already sick track Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz. This track is redone by Allen Walker who has been making music for less then a year, but cerntainly doesn't sound that way. He is from , but is gaining some global attention through the internet. Although towards 2 minutes there's a pretty weird computer breakdown type part haha the rest is awesome. Enjoy this real sick unique chill remix!

Rebelution is a real sick chilled out reggae group from Santa Barbra, CA. They defintely have that smoke weed and chill out feel to their music. Today I've got a real sick remix of their song Safe & Sound done by Zion-I, the guys who brought you the bass packed hip-hop anthem Coastin'. They give the original a spiced up hip-hop / electronic almost dubby flavor, and it turned out great. It's from Rebelution's Remix EP. Check it out, chill out, and enjoy!

Smooth sounding girl vocals and smooth dubstep is always a great combination. Today I've got a real sick chilled out dubstep remix to 'I Follow Rivers' by Lykke Li. It's done by The Oos & Ahhs, and they did a great job. The synths and crunchy wobbles in this song mixed with Lykke Li's voice make for a super smooth chillstep track. This reminds me of the Aoki remix of the N.A.S.A. track featuring Lykke Li. Turn up the bass, chill, let it wobble, enjoy!

So as I posted earlier, Major Lazer (Diplo and Switch)  is easily one of the most diverse DJ groups around. This remix of Gyptain's 'Hold Yuh' is no different. The capture the chillness of a reggae track, mixed with the with a dancey beat that is incredibly catchy. I really don't know how to categorize this track other than sick. If you don't like it the first listen through, try again as it really is one that grows on you. Props to Fiercewind for mentioning this track to me.  Enjoy this chill summer jam!

Drum and Bass is a genre that I've posted far to little of on the site, and It's mainly because I've been a die hard drum and bass fan. Well today I've got a real sick chill drum and bass remix by Netsky of UK singer Jessie J's track 'Nobody's Perfect. This is a chill electronic track, which is an area I'm going to try and feature more of, because sometimes you want electronic music, but don't want something that intense. As I bonus I've included his more heavy remix of Rusko's latest anthem Everyday. Check out this sick remix, enjoy!

Today I've got a great chilled out remix featuring parts some samples from a lesser known Kid Cudi track and Florence the Machine. The talented R3K (Riley Keating), took Florence and the Machine's 'Cosmic Love', blended it with Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi's 'Symphonies'. I've included the original Cudi track posted earlier, for those who haven't heard it. The original is great chill Cudi track, and this remix gives it a new electronic feel mixed with the soft vocals from Florence. Check this out and enjoy!

Relja Despotović, better known by his alias Seksi, a member of Crni Cerak, and Lacku got together and recorded a remix of a Maya Berović track "Honey," achieving instantaneous success, partially due to a demo of the track itself being leaked on YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms. The duo would go on to collaborate again in 2021 and 2022, and achieved further success by releasing a remix of Iranian-Swedish singer Arash's debut single, Boro Boro.

Verbal ASE welcomes the viewers to another episode of Cartoon Beatbox Battles, episode 4. Verbal ASE tells the viewers on what happened in the previous episode with Pennywise and The Joker. He states that The Joker made Pennywise look like a clown with his Fresh Prince of Bel Air remix, but Pennywise had a performance so scary, that Verbal ASE almost had to change his pants. Verbal ASE then tells the crowd that Pennywise has won the battle with a vote of 80% to 19%, and he will be going on to the next round. Pennywise laughs, and thanks the crowd. Pennywise then shows his balloon, and tells Verbal ASE to take it. Verbal ASE then runs away from Pennywise. 041b061a72


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