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We're a Little Different


After six years of learning and creating with the most brilliant students, our studio is undergoing several new and very exciting transformations!

1). Brillante Music Studio's new name is Lionheart Music Studio.

2). We will move into a new lesson studio space this summer.

3). We are changing from 1:1 lessons to group lessons.

Our studio has always been defined by a passion for discovering the language of music, having fun and stepping out of our comfort zones to share music within our communities. This metamorphosis now supports those objectives in a brand new way!

While "Brillante" means bright, brilliant and sparkling, "Lionheart" is the definition of exceptional bravery and courage. Lions are bold and fierce, but also warm and gentle. They are strong leaders and as a pride are loyal and skillful. I deeply believe that music education is a transformative vehicle to unearth all of these qualities in every person.

I grew up taking piano and voice lessons. I loved music, but always felt fairly isolated practicing alone in my family's basement every day. I looked forward to group lessons, held twice a year, which provided insight into how I compared to my peers. It was also incredible to play music together-even at an amateur level. Now throughout my teaching career of 20+ years, I have heard students and parents express these same sentiments. Without the natural competition and encouragement that comes from peers (found in sports teams, choir, band, theatre classes, etc.) it is easy to feel isolated and feel a lack of motivation to practice or work toward your highest levels.

As a learner first, then a teacher, I am on a constant journey toward the joy of discovery. Based on a lot of research, and knowing the quality of my students, I am very excited to see how group lessons will manifest into accelerated learning and substantial enjoyment. It is a natural and organic fit to our current studio dynamic.

Group music lessons, while still a relatively new concept in the United States, was popular in Europe in the early 1900's. (Franz Liszt, the famous pianist/composer was one of the early group lesson teachers!) The idea of these "master classes" was to combine small groupings of students and engage them with collaborative-learning strategies in an active and creative environment. The students learned how play and perform in ensembles early in their music education, going on to perform at high levels in the prestigious arenas of Europe. Now in the 20th century, we have the added benefit of interacting with digital resources from a global library.

Registration for our fall group lessons is now open! If you suspect that someone you know (or maybe it's you!) is lionhearted enough to start or continue a journey into music, send me a message or visit the Classes page for the registration form.

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