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Going the Distance

Practice Challenge Update | Week #10 of 20

"Go the distance" is an idiom that means to achieve one's goal; to complete something, especially if it is difficult; to persist on a path until it ends, literally or metaphorically. The expression go the distance was used in a literal sense in the 1800's in horse racing to mean to run an entire race. The phrase has also been used in boxing and means the ability to box for an entire round without getting knocked out or disqualified.

Halfway through our 20-week practice challenge, students who have been putting in practice time on a daily basis are starting to see some fruits of their efforts. Just as a mountain climber may not notice the height they've climbed until they reach the summit, so the incremental progress of practice has begun to manifest itself in our lessons this week.

One such example of this is three young women: Audrey, Evelyn and Lucy, who prepared both a solo piece and an ensemble piece for the Minnesota Music Teacher's Association Vocal & Instrumental Festival. Their participation required musical "distance"-additional time spent above their scheduled practice and lesson sessions and concentrated focus to learn and perform new pieces of music. These young women are an example to everyone. They are embracing their passion for music and allowing it to catapult them into high levels of achievement.

Thank you for inspiring us to go the distance and congratulations on your achievements!

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