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End of the Year Awards

Happy Spring Concert Day!

The students received their awards during our mini Award Ceremonies this week at our group lessons.

The Mary Jo Fraser Award

Recipients of this prestigious award have exhibited excellence in attitude, effort and sharing their music.

Recipients | Lucy A. & Adalyn W.


The Ipad Hunter Award | Ariana S.; Zeke S.

Active Pet Award | Becky J.; Elle E.; Macy B.; Neela J.; Nicklas H.; Rachael B.; Riley L.

The Low Juice Award | Audrey S.; Ethan I.; Liam S.

The Musical Magician Award | Zach I.

The Illumination Award | Barrett B.; Lindsey L.

Git 'er Done Award | Riley L.; Robert P.

Best Ceiling Award | Jack H.

The Verizon "Can You Hear Me Now?" Award | Jasmine G.; Rayne P.; Riley P.; Robert P.; Simrik T.; Steven P.

Best Lesson Snacks Award | Keira L.


Starting New. Starting Strong | Ayannah I.; Bryce K.; Ellis T.; Lindsey L.; Willa T.

Audio Treasure Hunter Award | Adalyn W.; Priyanka I.; Lillyana P.

Daily Dozen 21-Song Challenge | Ethan I.; Steven P.; Zoe I.

South Suburban Music Teacher Association Recital Medal Winners | Audrey S.; Lucy A.

Minnesota Music Teachers Vocal Festival Participants | Audrey S.; Evelyn B.; Lucy A.

Hanon 20-Techniques Challenge | Adalyn W.; Jack H.; Zach I.

Stop! Collaborate & Listen Award | Barrett B.; Jasmine G.; Keira L.; Neela J.; Thomas R.

The Musical Motion Award | Evelyn B.; Thomas R.

The Musical Artist Award | Elle E.

The Lionheart Courage Award | Evelyn B.; Macy B.

Ariana S. | Acceptance into her high school's prestigious choir

Elle E. | Minnesota All-State Choir member

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