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Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History WORK

The bicycle ranks as one of the most enduring, most widely used vehicles in the world, with more than a billion produced during almost two hundred years of cycling history. This book offers an authoritative and comprehensive account of the bicycle's technical and historical evolution, from the earliest velocipedes (invented to fill the need for horseless transport during a shortage of oats) to modern racing bikes, mountain bikes, and recumbents. It traces the bicycle's development in terms of materials, ergonomics, and vehicle physics, as carried out by inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers.

Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History


Despite the bicycle's long history and mass appeal, its technological history has been neglected. This volume, with its engaging and wide-ranging coverage, fills that gap. It will be the starting point for all future histories of the bicycle.

Hans-Erhard Lessing, formerly a Professor of Physics at the University of Ulm and a Curator at the Technoseum Mannheim and the ZKM Karlsruhe, has written biographies of Karl Drais and Robert Bosch as well as books on bicycle history.

Extensively illustrated, largely from patent applications and advertising literature, this book traces the technological history of the bike with chapters on the Velocipede, the Safety Bicycle, the Racing Bicycle, Military Bicycles, Mountain Bikes and Recumbents. Dispersed amongst these chapters are ones dealing with such inventions and refinements as front drive, wire wheels, indirect drive, suspension, transmission, braking, saddles, pedals, handlebars, lighting, and luggage, all of which drove the increasing sophistication of this brilliant extension of the power of the human body.

Buying for a cyclist that loves to read? One interested in bicycle design or the history of the bicycle? Try Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History (MSRP: $34.95) or Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World (MSRP: $20.00).

However, as illustrated in the video below, Longhurst approaches the debate as an environmental issue, which leads him in the wrong direction. Treating cycling as an environmental issue leads to the conclusion that bicycles are morally superior to automobiles because they use less energy and pollute less. That leads to demands that cyclists be allowed special rights, such as the right to unnecessarily block traffic or use the middle of a lane even if it slows auto traffic.

Bicycle Engineering and Technology is a primer and technical introduction for anyone interested in bicycles, bicycling, and the bicycle industry. With insight into how bicycles are made and operated, the book covers the engineering materials used for their manufacture and the technicalities of riding. It also discusses ways in which the enthusiast may wish to get involved in the business of working with these fantastic machines, which are now being aided with electrical power. The bicycle is a significant factor in transportation around the world and is playing an increasingly crucial role in transport policy as we collectively become more environmentally conscious. To celebrate the importance of the bicycle on the world stage, a brief history is included along with a detailed timeline showing the development of the bicycle with major world events. Previous knowledge of engineering or technology is not required to enjoy this text, as all technical terms are explained and a full glossary and lists of abbreviations are included. Whether you are a bicycling enthusiast, racer, student, or bicycle professional, you will surely want to read it and keep it on your shelf as a handy reference. 041b061a72


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