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Golden Sparkles

Voice 1

This course for ages 8+ is for students who are new to music and singing.


The course introduces or reinforces foundational concepts of music and introduces elementary level music theory.

Gold Fabric


Available to ages 8+

​Price | $175/month

Duration | 60 minutes


Skills Learned

  • Introduction to Tonic Sol-fa

  • Introduction or review of notes in the treble clef

  • Clapping and counting to a steady beat

  • Beginning ear training

  • Steps/skips/triads; rests; arpeggios/semitones/accidentals

  • Singing with dynamics

  • Sight-singing

  • Unison and two-part singing

  • Using a microphone

  • Beginning stage performance

  • Basic music and vocal vocabulary

  • Breath control

Twinkly Lights

Supplies Needed

  • The Full Voice-Level 1 

  • Levels are determined with the teacher

The Full Voice

Level 1

  • 3-Ring Binder 

  • Headphones (wired)

  • Water bottle

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