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Beginner Piano

A course for ages 6+ is specifically designed for students who are new to the piano!


This introduction to music is an exciting step for students at any age to approach music from an entirely new perspective.


Students learn basic music symbols, the geography of the keyboard, how to keep a steady beat when playing solo or with others and are introduced to note reading.


Available to ages 6+

​Price | $148/month

Duration | 45 minutes

Skills Learned

  • Posture and hand position

  • Expression of the mood/character of the piece

  • Maintain a steady pulse

  • Play with legato/staccato and expression of musical sentences

  • Dynamic contrasts

  • ABA form

  • Beginning sight-reading

  • 5-finger scales in C, G, D, A, E and F

  • Introduction to note reading

Supplies Needed

  • 3-Ring Binder 

  • Headphones (wired)

  • Water bottle

Spotify Playlist

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